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Welcome To Brilliant Dietitians!

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Hello Dietitians and Dietitians-to-be...

Brilliant Dietitians is a free resource dedicated to helping Registered Dietitian Nutritionists succeed and excel in their career. We are committed to helping serve the RDN community by providing numerous resources designed to make your job, ongoing learning, and career performance as easy as possible!

*Learn And Succeed With Ease*

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Brilliant Dietitian Blog: A place to find Medical Nutrition Therapy updates, help with learning and applying the Nutrition Care Process, need-to-know nutrition research, and updates to standards of practice.

  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets and Pdfs: We provide many free downloads for you to print and take to work with you. These are helpful for both new RDNs or dietetic students and seasoned dietitians. Carrying around bulky booklets and searching through apps is not as easy as having condensed files of information that you use everyday. Our Dietitians like to keep a folder of the "cheat sheets" we provide!

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Podcast: The podcast is coming soon! Episodes will cover Medical Nutrition Therapy for all kinds of conditions, and will essentially be an audio database of everything you learned in school and more. Listen on the way to work and stay updated so you know how to treat any condition in patients of all ages and disease states! You will also get bite-sized audio nutrition research updates!

“We Want To Help You Be The Best Dietitian YOU Can Be!”

-Bethany H. Tait, MS, RDN, Founder of Brilliant Dietitians

What To Do Next:

  1. Read through the blog posts.

  2. Print all the FREE downloadable pdfs.

  3. Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive the free Dietitian Cheat Sheets and Downloadable MNT Pdfs straight to your inbox!

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